Controlled environment

This customized mini-environment was designed mainly for R & D purposes in a class 10,000 environment. It prevents the release of harmful vapours generated by the process.

This unit is equipped with a walk-in stainless steel enclosure and glass doors, a ventilation system and a face mounted operator panel.

Sliding doors can be opened to make final adjustements to the R & D process while standing outside of the walk-in enclosure. The large safety glass doors can also be opened.

The ventilation system maintains a downflow of a clean air. Air is filtered through one terminal HEPA filter. It is also equipped with an exhaust system for harmful vapours.

Controlled environment

Technical specifications:

  • Controlled environment
  • Dimensions: 87" x 45" x 94" (w x d x h)
  • Stainless steel 304 brushed finish #4 construction
  • HEPA motorized filter 24" x 48"
  • Ultraviolet filtration lighting
  • Integrated control panel with various functions
  • Reading of the differential and static pressure
  • Reading of the temperature and humidity
  • Control fan speed, operation switch and alarm buzzer


  • Other components for your application
  • Custom dimensions and design according to your specs