Laboratory fume hood filtration system

Laboratory fume hood filtration system

Technical specifications:

Filtration system

  • Fan with explosion proof 1/2 HP motor, class 1
  • Activated charcoal filter, grade CNS-196
  • 99.99% HEPA filter with 30% pre-filters
  • Magnehelic static differential pressure gauge

Construction details

  • Exterior dimensions: 48" x 28" x 62" (w x d x h)
  • 2" x 2" stainless steel structural frame
  • Polar white polypropylene construction
  • Black polypropylene bench
  • Front opening with 2 sliding tempered glass doors
  • Front doors with quick release clasps for easy access to the fan and filters
  • Grille on hinge at bottom of plenum for easy cleaning
  • 24" fluorescent lamps mounted on exterior of hood
  • Fan and light switches on side
  • Duplex receptacles on each side with switches


  • Stainless steel table with storage space
  • Anti-vibration mat
  • ULPA filter
  • Custom dimensions and design according to your specs